Singlespeed/Fixed Gear Showdown: Eastside vs. Pixel

Ever since we re-introduced our Pixel singlespeed/fixed gear bike, we've had countless customers and even Fyxation dealers ask us to run them through the differences. In person, it's easy to explain the difference but if you're sitting at home or on your phone trying to sort things out, it's not necessarily that easy. We're here to help!

We put together this quick video detailing the main differences between the Pixel and Eastside. While they are both singlespeed bikes that share the same geometry/sizing, there are quite a few differences between the two. Below are a few quick bullet points that explain the differences between these two bikes, but we suggest you watch the video to learn more.

  • Frame Material - Hi-tensile Steel Pixel - 4130 chromoly Eastside
  • Paint Scheme - 1 color matte paint Pixel - Vertical fade Eastside
  • Parts Used - Great affordable parts Pixel - Session 700 tires Eastside
  • Price - $329 Pixel - $449 Eastside


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