SLUG Magazine: Review - Fyxation Bicycle Company Six Fyx

SLUG Magazine just posted a great review of our Six Fyx Conversion Kit and we had to share it here. The Six Fyx doesn't normally get a lot of love from the media because most people in the media don't quite get it. Alexander Ortega, the Editor over at SLUG Magazine, does however. He purchased a Fyxation Eastside from a local shop in Salt Lake City a few years back and needed a few extra gears to get up some of the hills in SLC. Alexander turned to Mark at Saturday Cycles for a solution and that's when he discovered the Six Fyx. Below is a bit more info about SLUG and a full link to the article. Check it out!

Full Article Here:


About SLUG Magazine: 

SLUG Magazine (Salt Lake UnderGround) is one of Utah's longest-running and most experienced independent magazines. Since 1989, SLUG has given a voice to Utah's thriving alternative and underrepresented cultures and continues to expand its coverage of local art, music, lifestyle, action sports and events. 


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