The Radavist: Fyxation's Sparta All Road Fork

The Sparta All Road Fork was just featured on The Radavist and we're pretty stoked. The Radavist is a great site that covers many cycling topics and is full of excellent articles, visuals, product reviews and original content. The Radavist has been around for a few years and is one if not the most visited bicycle blogs on the web, if not the most visited.

The Radavist was started by John Watson, the founder and creator of  Prolly was originally focused on urban riding and specifically fixed gear but over the years as John's riding evolved, so did the topics being covered on the site. We were one of the original advertisers on and John's coverage of our gear in the early days really helped our brand get known we were just 2 dudes and a tire.

When the Radavist was launched, Prollyisnotprobably and all it's articles were re-directed to the new site and the focus of the blog really evolved. While fixed gear does pop up here and there on The Radavist, the coverage now is a bit more broad and is actually a good way to follow trends in the industry and to see cool original content provided by John and a host of other authors/riders. 

Anyway, thanks for the plug guys. Head over to The Radavist to see the Sparta Fork and other cool gear, news and reviews.

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