45NRTH Dillinger 4 27.5x4.0 Non-studded Fat Bike Tire


45NRTH is at it again with a new twist on their popular Dillinger 4 studdable fat bike tire. The Dillinger was one of the first if not the first studded fat bike tire on the market and they've kept thousands of happy fat bikes upright on icy trails since their release a few years back. The new Dillinger 27.5 takes the same great studded tire tech and applies it to a smaller diameter 27.5 tire.

From 45NRTH

Riding your fatbike on ice just got even better with the redesigned Dillinger tread pattern and tubeless compatibility. With the ability to put up to 252 carefully positioned studs allow you to rail icy off-camber singletrack with confidence and control, while taller side lugs bring improved cornering in snowy conditions. Dillinger’s center tread is tightly spaced for speed when you need it so you can power up an icy climb and rip down the other side as the studs claw into the slick surface.

  • Braced side lugs for improved cornering
  • Tubeless Ready


  • Options: 120tpi Custom Studdable
  • Size: 27.5 x 4.0" (584/27.5" MTN)
  • Casing: 120tpi Ultralight or 60tpi
  • Studs: Non-studded
  • Bead: Tubeless Ready Folding 120tpi or 60tpi
  • Rim Compatibility: 65-102mm wide rims

Tubeless Ready

Our tubeless-ready bead creates more contact with the rim and a more effective and secure tubeless seal. The entire bead is also smooth, minimizing the risk of air leaking between the bead and rim shelf. Tubeless fatbike setups can reduce the weight of each wheel by 300 grams and provide a suppler ride quality.


Type: Bicycle Tire

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