Terrene Wazia Light Folding Studded Fat Bike Tire

Fat bikes are great for riding on all surfaces but inevitably when it snows some ice can form on your local trails. While most fat bike tires offer great traction on snow and some ice there are times when you need a bit more grip than a typical rubber fat bike tire can provide.

Studded fat bike tires like these beauties from Terrene are a must have for icy trails and lake/stream crossings in the winter. There's nothing worse than enjoying a fat bike ride only to find yourself upside down after a quick fall on some ice you didn't see. Studded tires keep you rolling on any surface and these tires from Terrene are a great affordable option to keep you upright and confident on any ride.

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From Terrene

For some, boundaries are simply starting points. When convention becomes routine, there is a tire that will allow you to go beyond.

Wazia is our all-season, all-surface, go anywhere tire. From winter ice and snow to sandy beaches, and all of the trails in between. Wazia is fully studdable and available in Light, Tough, and studded versions in both 26×4.0 and 26×4.6.

Wazia. Ready to Ride.


TPI: 120

Casing: Ultralight

Bead: Aramid (folding)

Tubeless Ready: Yes

Rim Width: 65-1110mm

Studs: TripleTraction Tungsten Carbide – 154 Count

Weight/Tire: ~1673g




Type: Unknown Type

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