Faraday Porteur: Electric Bike Milwaukee In Style!

When we opened our flagship retail store here in Milwaukee our goal was to give our customers a chance to see Fyxation products up close and really get to learn about our process and company, and not just sell bikes and gear. With that said, people that visit our Milwaukee bike shop can purchase our full range of products and additional products from other companies in the bike industry that we respect and that we feel are under represented by the big box bike shops here in Milwaukee. San Francisco based Faraday Bicycles is one such company.

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Faraday is the designer and manufacturer of a line of beautiful electric bicycles that are built for the urban cyclist and commuter. These elegant bicycles are everything that we feel an e-Bike should be; functional, easy to use, unassuming and a joy to ride. We feel that electric bicycles (e-bikes) really serve a purpose for any urban rider and are even great for those that don't live in a city. E-bikes are ideal for any rider looking for an easy way to get out and enjoy a bicycle with the assistance of an electric drive-train. Unlike a motorcycle or moped, there is still a fitness component to an electric assist e-bike as you still have to pedal. The benefit is you don't need to work nearly as hard as on a traditional bicycle, you get to your destination quickly and you get to enjoy the fresh air experienced while riding a bike.

We just recently started carrying Faraday bikes here at our shop at 2943 N. Humboldt Blvd. and we have to say these bikes are even more impressive in person. On first glance, the bike is very attractive but when you look closely at the details they've designed into this bike you realize what a great bike this really is. 

Everything from the internal Sturmey Archer 5 speed to the battery being tucked into the down tube gives this bike a clean look that is much more elegant than other clunky looking e-bikes. There is a 3 position switch on the handlebars that lets you choose between which level of pedal assist you need while on your ride. This bike doesn't have a throttle so the electric motor kicks in while you're pedaling. This allows you to still get out there and get some exercise while riding your bike, but you can choose which level of assistance the motor provides. Disc brakes, built in fenders and a stylish front rack really finish off the look of this bike.

For this photo shoot I took the bike out for a quick ride over to Beans & Barley here in Milwaukee for my weekly burrito run. Normally when I head out of the shop I put on my cycling shoes and clip in for a ride. I also put on a cycling shirt so I don't come back sweaty for the remainder of my day here in the shop. On today's ride I didn't have to change shoes or gear up and thanks to the powerful electric motor I was able to make the trip there and back without breaking a sweat.

I found myself working the gears and the 3 speed e-assist switch more than I thought I would but this was actually fun because I really enjoyed trying to figure out the optimal gearing for my ride. The bike weighs in at a mere 39lbs so even without the pedal assist it's very manageable here in the city.  The whole experience was great and after riding the Faraday around town I quickly realized this was a totally different way to get around on a bicycle.

Below we've put some of the tech specs about the bike and a size chart. We have 2 Faraday models in stock here at our shop and they are available for test rides so come in for a closer look. We're confident you'll like what you see. 

Frame: Custom chromoly steel Porteur frame

Fork: Custom chromoly steel fork

Saddle: Faraday standard City Saddle. (Optional upgrades available)

Brakes: Promax hydraulic disc brakes

Stem: Threadless one-piece riser stem with forged headlight mount

Headset: Faraday high polish sealed bearing threadless headset

Grips: Faraday leather lock-on grips

Handlebar: Faraday Porteur riser bar

Pedals: MKS Sylvan premium Japanese touring pedals

Gearing: Gates carbon belt drive w’ Shimano Alfine 8-spd internal hub

Shifting: Shimano Alfine trigger shifter

Crankset: Lascoy alloy crank

Chainguard: Faraday custom chain-ring guard

Kickstand: Pletscher Swiss scissoring dual kickstand

Fenders: Handmade steam-bent bamboo fenders

Rims: Alex super light disc, 26″, 36-spoke

Tires: 26-inch diameter, 1.5″ width Panaracer puncture-resistant tires

Motor: 250W (350W peak) geared front hub motor

Battery: Custom 43V, 250Wh removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack with integrated battery management system

Pedal sensor: German-made precision torque pedal sensor

Throttle: None

Control: Bluetooth-enabled E-Ink battery display with 3 position pedal assist mode selector switch

Front Light: Integrated front LED headlight

Rear Light: Integrated rear LED taillight

Charging: Faraday standard 2A charger (110V-240V, 3hr. charge time)

Sizing Chart:



  • Nicholas Allen

    How much is the large?
    Looks great – thanks!

  • Tony B.

    So the stock model is a 5 speed SA with cable actuated disc brakes (based on photos) and the spec’s listed are for the upgraded model with the Alfine and belt drive?

    Does this have the 8-Fun electric hub motor?

  • Maurice Marasco

    What is the price range please?

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