Fyxation February at BTI - Free Gear!

On Friday we announced that our gear is now being distributed to bike shops here in the US through our partnership with BTI. To kick things off we are throwing a little promotion for the month of February. Any bike shop that purchases Fyxation components through BTI will be entered into a drawing to win up to $300 worth of free Fyxation gear. First prize is $300 worth of free gear and we'll be giving out three additional prizes worth $100 each.

While this contest only applies to bikes shops in the US, you can help support your local shop by purchasing Fyxation gear or placing a special order for any of our gear throughout the month of February. Once that order is placed, your buddies at your local shop will be entered to win. Maybe if they win you can hit them up for some of the loot!

More info here: http://www.btiwhat.com/

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nick russell
nick russell

February 10, 2012

Id love to rock your gear out in HAWAII 808 state!!

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