Bikeminimalism - One for the Road

We stumbled across a new website yesterday and quickly added it to our favorites. Bikeminimalism is a very clean and visual blog about all things track/fixed gear. It's sort of like a Pinterest board for people that ride. Instead of pictures of mini cupcakes and puppies, it has a bunch of sweet bicycle related photos. Check out for more info.

About Bikeminimalism

Bikeminimalism is a blog dedicated to the fixed gear track bike for the streets. Bikeminimalism is written by the rider and for the rider. It focuses on urban street riding, bikes, brands and services relevant to the rider. However, Bikeminimalism is fully independent and non-commercial. That's why you don't see any logos, ads or banners on Bikeminimalisim.

All brands featured on the blog are chosen by the contributors. No money or exchange of merchandise is accepted from any of the brands to feature on Bikeminimalism. We make that choice ourselves. Keeping it real -- independent, focused and non-biased. All the way.

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