Iditarod Invitational 2012

photo by Kathi Merchant

Like many, we have already had a taste of Spring and a mild Winter. It's hit nearly 50 a few days already, and despite the call for up to 8" of snow tonight, I heard it will be nearly 60 next week. Hardly Winter weather for Wisco. With thoughts of Spring I think its a good idea to take a minute to think about the hardy racers chugging away at the Iditarod in Alaska. The effort these racers, including cyclists on fat-bikes, put in is amazing. As of the latest reports there are 5 cyclists still in the Iditabike race, and given the "relatively" good conditions, they have a chance to pass the foot racers, which doesn't always happen. You can follow the action as these incredible athletes make there way through some of the most rugged conditions on the Iditarod site.

photo by Mike Kuriak

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