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Urban Junglecross V

Milwaukee cyclists are some of the hardiest around, battling through wildly varying weather conditions and potholed city streets on a daily basis. For the fifth year in a row some of these eccentric bikers put together a cyclocross course in the rubble of a coal factory complex hidden in the shadows of Walker’s Point.


Terrene Wazia Studded Tire Review: First Impressions

The Terrene Wazia is available in 26x4.0" and 26x4.6" and in both tough, light and studded versions. The block tread is meaty and is embedded with 154 low profile tungsten carbide studs. The low stud profile is designed to bite into ice but low enough to be fast on a frozen trail.

Terrene Wazia Studded Tire Review


Over the last few years there has been a surge in companies coming out with fat bikes due their growing popularity and well to be honest, because they're a ton of fun to ride. One of the biggest challenges fat bike manufacturers and dealers over the past few years have faced has been the lack of options when it comes to parts for fat bikes. Especially when it comes to tires.  Surly was one of the first companies to come out with decent fat bike tires followed by their sister company 45 NRTH.  Recently however, it seems that ever tire manufacturer is getting on board and that is a good thing because there will be a ton more options and price points available for the fat bike market. Here is a quick Tech Note and review from Joel here at Fyxation regarding the new Panaracer Fat B Nimble fat bike tire...

Here at Fyxation we are fans of all forms of riding. Even though we cater to the urban cyclist and some people think of us as a fixie company, we own and ride all sorts of bikes.

Our latest addition to the Fyxation team, customer service and bike build guru Joel...