State Bicycle Co. Vice Now Available

The guys at State Bicycle Co just launched their latest fixed gear bike called "Vice". State Bicycle Company is based in Tempe, AZ and they are best known for their affordable and clean fixed gear bikes. Their take on the fixie is a bit different than some of their competitors in that they place a production order for a bike, give it a unique paint job and some unique parts and when it sells out it's gone. I'm sure they'll re-order a successful build but rather than continually having to come out with new model year bikes they simply take the exact same frame with a new paint job and release new builds every few months.

Their latest build, the State Bicycle Vice, is a nice aqua blue with all white parts. It looks pretty on the website but will definitely get a little soiled once they hit the street. For more info, check out the State Bike Co website -

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