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OK so you've decided to build up your own fixed gear and you've just added your SRAM Omnium Cranks, Velocity B43 deep dish rims, Thomson seatpost, Thomson Stem and of course Fyxation Pilot saddle, Gates pedals with our velcro pedal straps and Session 700 tires. All that's left for your new bike are the handlebars which leaves you wondering; What are the best fixed gear handlebars?

Like any bike part there are a ton of handlebar options out there. Handlebars are one of those things that most newbies to cycling think all look the same but they honestly make a huge difference. You can choose riser bars/rise bars, bullhorn handlebars, straight bars, drop bars, cafe bars or touring/randonneur bars. If you're riding a fixed gear bike you're most likely to choose between a rise bar, bullhorn bar, drop bar or a flat bar.

Now it gets interesting. Handlebars all have different widths and some have different clamp diameters. 25.4mm and 31.8mm are the most common clamp sizes but because some of the cheap fixie companies buy their bikes in China some of them come with a 26.0mm clamp diameter. Fyxation bars are all 25.4mm or 31.8mm. The width of the handlebar really depends on the style of riding you'll be doing (thin for city traffic) or how tall you are. Fyxation handlebars are available in either 40cm or 42cm widths but other companies make bars that range from 38mm up to 46mm so there's a very broad spectrum.

Every bar style has it's advantages. Rise bars are great for upright riding and if you plan to use your bike more as a casual commuter. Drop bars are great for going fast and offer a few different riding positions. The most versatile bar is a pursuit style bullhorn bar like our Rodeo Pursuit bar. The Rodeo Pursuit bar is a bullhorn handlebar that has a drop to it before it flares up at the end of the bar. This bar allows you ride in the center, in the drops or at the end of the bar. Below is a quick video showcasing our handlebar offering. Enjoy the ride!

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  • Lonerider

    I find bullhorns to be the most comfortable on fixed wheel bikes. Without a gear you are often changing position; standing, sitting, etc., and the bars offer various positions for this. Chiefly, the long front parts of the bullhorns give roughly the same grip position as the bar ends of a mountain bike, or the brake hoods on a traditional road bike.

    I used to run track or road drops on one fixed wheel bike, including the one I commuted on for several years in NJ traffic, and bullhorns on another, but after much consideration have now switched the second bike to (homemade) bullhorns. If I had the dough I’d buy a nice pair of well made ones, but if I did I’d probably have to cut them off anyway, the stock ones are often a bit too long.

    One word of advice on bullhorns; wrap em and plug the holes in the ends, please, unless you wanna risk an unnecessary ER visit. I know the bare metal look is “cool” to some, but if you take a spill, those things could end up taking a core sample of your gut. Wrapped/plugged bars are almost always a safety thing as well as a style one; my too sense.

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