Build a Custom Bicycle with Fyxation

When we first opened our new workshop here in Milwaukee we were pumped because we finally had some room to spread out and store all our gear and to build up a small workspace for building up bikes to test out our latest gear.  Once we started getting visitors to the space however, our workspace quickly turned into an area for us to build up custom bikes for local bike messengers, family and friends and pretty much anyone else that came into the shop looking for something a little custom.  There's nothing better than getting a bike made to your specifications and we were more than happy to help people build up their ideal bike.

We recently added a custom bike builder page to our website to make this unique build experience available to anyone interested in a custom Fyxation bicycle.  Unlike other online bike builders, we strive to offer a personal touch. Rather than simply selecting items from a drop down menu, we pair you up with one of our employees where they'll act as a personal build consultant.  Once we've identified what your ideal build looks like and what your budget is, we'll get to work on building up your bike and shipping it directly to you or your favorite local bike shop.  We ship worldwide and have already had a few builds go out to Europe so anyone can take advantage of a custom Fyxation build.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you want to talk about getting a custom Fyxation bike built up today.  Below is a link to our custom bike page and we've shared a few pictures of some of our latest custom builds.

Custom Bike Page:


Fyxation Team


Quiver Fixed with FSA Gimondi

Eastside Complete with Orange Fyxation Parts

Red Quiver with Terry Saddle

Silver Quiver with Nexus 8 Speed Hub

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