Fixed Gear Denver

We recently started working with a new shop in Denver called The Urban Cyclist and we wanted to give them a quick shout out here on our blog.  The Urban Cyclist was started by Darrin Duran earlier in the summer and is located right in Downtown Denver.  Darrin used to work at another shop in town and decided that the time was right to open up his own bike shop.  It would appear that the move was a good one because business in booming!

The Urban Cyclist truly caters to the urban cyclist and specializes in selling fixed gear and track bikes.  In addition to carrying our Eastside and parts, they sell State Bicycle co fixies, Zycle fix fixies and Biria city bikes.  Business has been going so well down at the shop they plan on opening up an additional location right down the block in a larger space so expect to see a lot more Fyxation product at the new location including our Quiver and the all new Pixel in 2014.

Congratulations guys!

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