Velo Orange Shiny Bits

We recently had the opportunity to build up a custom Quiver for a board member of the Wisconsin Bike Fed and really wanted to use this bike to show what we were capable of doing with our new custom build program.  Having a frameset as flexible as our Quiver really gives us a lot of options when it comes to building a custom bike - fixed, geared, internal.  For this specific build, the customer wanted an internal 5 speed that he could use from cruising around town and commuting into work and he wanted a bike with a lot of class.

Now typically our custom builds focus on taking our existing frames and working with the customer to dial in the parts they need. With this bike however, we went all out.  We custom painted this Quiver frameset to match the crimson red branded colors of the Bike Fed and we even got a custom head badge made using the Bike Fed logo.

For the drivetrain we used a Sturmey Archer 5 speed internal hub and silver FSA Gimondi cranks which have a really nice classic look.  Now here at Fyxation we don't offer a lot of shiny parts (yet) so to finish off this nice build we used a number of Velo Orange parts to finish things off.  Velo Orange is based here in the US and they make a lot of really nice yet affordable parts for city and touring bikes. 

For this custom Quiver we built up a set of wheels using the Velo Orange Grand Cru Fixed hubs for the front wheel and Velo Orange RAID rims.  We put a set of our brown whitewall Session 700 tires on the bike and topped them off with the Velo Orange polished hammered alloy fenders.  We included front and rear Velo Orange Constructeur racks and last but not least a Velo Orange Mod 3 Tour leather saddle.  We used our Alterra cafe bars, our silver Rodeo stem and brown leather PDW Whiskey Grips to finish off the cockpit.

We are big supporters of the Bike Fed and have really gotten to know them well these last 12 months sharing a space with them here on Pierce Street.  We're proud to have been able to put this bike on the road and hope that it draws even more attention to the Wisconsin Bike Fed and the work they're doing.

Enjoy the gallery below!








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