Eighthinch Fixed Gear Conversion Kit

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The guys at Eighthinch released their Fixed Gear Conversion kit a while back and we've been meaning to give it a little air time here on blog for some time. It's actually a really good idea for anyone looking to convert an old road bike into a fixed gear. 

Article Update: Unfortunately EighthInch is no longer in business and shut their doors in 2015.

Prior to the onslaught of cheap fixie bikes, there were really only a few stock fixed gear bikes that you could purchase at a bike shop.  Most people would simply take an old road bike and convert it into a fixed using a mix of parts and hard work.  Now that it's pretty easy to buy a fixie for less than $400 there aren't as many road bikes getting converted into a fixed gear but if you have an old frame lying around and want to bring an old vintage bike back to life, the Eighthinch conversion kit seems like a no brainer.

For only $199.95 Eighthinch sells a complete kit that let's you get that old bike built up into a fixed gear in no time. The build includes a complete wheelsets, fixed gear crankset, bottom bracket, chain, fixed gear cog and lockring and even a set of tires and tubes.  That's  pretty crazy deal when you think about it and is the only fixie conversion kit option that I'm aware of out there.

Check out more details below:

The EighthInch Deluxe Conversion Kit gives you everything you need to convert that old beat up 10-speed into a road ready fixed gear. The kit includes an EighthInch Amelia Wheelset with tires tubes, cog and lockring. An EighthInch Courier Crankset, EighthInch bottom bracket, and KMC chain are also included to complete your drivetrain. This kit will give your bike a second life and have it rolling down the street with ease!

Product Features

  • Available in Black, Silver, and White
  • 700c EighthInch Amelia Wheelset
  • 16t Cog and Lockring
  • EighthInch 165mm Courier Crankset
  • EighthInch Bottom Bracket
  • KMC Z410 Chain
  • 30mm EighthInch Amelia Rims
  • Serviceable Loose Bearing Hubs
  • Fixed/Free Flip Flop Hub
  • Stainless Steel Spokes
  • 100mm Front and 120mm Rear Spacing




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