Built in Milwaukee: Quiver X Custom Builds

Our Quiver X frames have finally landed and the custom builds have already begun. We decided to launch the Quiver X as a frameset only because it is such a versatile platform for custom builds. With that said, we have 2 stock bike options that we put on our website for those of you that would prefer to have your Quiver X arrive ready to ride.

Our complete build options include our standard build for $1699 features our 4130 double butted chromoly Quiver X frame with our Sparta all road Carbon fork. For $1819 you can swap out the alloy steerer Sparta fork and upgrade your build to our full carbon Sparta FCR fork. Regardless of the fork you select, each build comes set up as a 1x11 with SRAM Apex and a mix of FSA and Tektro parts.

We've carved out a space in our warehouse and we've set up a proper new bike assembly area. We borrowed some of our pro mechanics from our Milwaukee bike shop, and the crew is cranking out our stock builds but we're also working on some fun custom builds.

The Quiver was originally released because we wanted to come up with a bike that our single speed customers could upgrade to when they wanted to move to a bike with a few more gears. We decided to design the frame so it could fit large tires but we also wanted to add fender/rack mounts so the bike could be a versatile city bike but could be used to hit the open road outside of the city.

We didn't realize it at the time, but the Quiver was one of the first true "all road" bikes which is now a super crowded yet popular category in the bike world. Many companies refer to their new bikes as "quiver killers" because they're designed to replace many bikes with one versatile build. Well that's why we came up with the name Quiver about 8 years ago and the new Quiver X keeps the versatile tradition of the Quiver rolling and is our best Quiver yet!


The new Quiver X is packed with features and is ready for any road. Huge tire clearance, tons of mounts for fenders, racks and water bottles, double butted tubing and a do anything carbon fork, the Quiver truly is an all road bike. We've taken prototypes of the Quiver X on our annual Tour de Chequamegon bikepacking trip and this bike is ideal for a gravel tour. This 3 day bikepacking trip in northern Wisconsin let us put the Quiver X through it's paces and after 110 miles of sweet gravel road, the Quiver checked all the boxes.

As a commuter bike, the Quiver X is equally capable. Change out the large gravel tires for some city tires and the Quiver is the ultimate way to avoid the crowds and commute into the city. I'm building mine up right now with some road tires and I plan to use my Quiver as my road bike for the next few months but once the Tour de Chequamegon rolls around, my gravel tires are coming back on and so are my touring bags. The Quiver is a blast! Please give us a call or email us if you want to discuss our stock and custom builds. We're here to help.

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