Custom Bikes For Business: Lakefront 30th Anniversary Fat Bike

Here at Fyxation, it's no secret that we love working with other companies to design and manufacture custom bicycles for their businesses. Whether they are looking for a custom bike to celebrate a milestone, need a fleet bicycle for their hotel or corporate campus or are looking at custom bikes as employee incentives, we are up for any project. 

We've had the honor of working closely with Lakefront Brewery here in Milwaukee over the years on many custom bike projects. Lakefront Brewery is a local institution and they've been brewing great craft beer in Milwaukee for 30 years, long before the micro/craft beer craze took hold.

Custom Fat Bikes For Businesses

Lakefront recently reached out to us to help them come up with a unique custom bike to help them celebrate their 30th anniversary. Over the years we've designed a number of great bikes for Lakefront and they've all been built around our Eastside single speed. For this project, however, the team at Lakefront was looking to make a real statement and opted to have us design them a truly unique custom Lakefront Brewery fat bike.

Custom Fat Bike

They wanted a bike that really stood out from the crowd and that not only reflected their brand, but their home town of Milwaukee. Now for those of you not from the Midwest, fat bikes are sort of a big deal around here. Their wide tires let you roll over any surface and they are great for riding in the winter, which like it or not, is a good portion of the year here in the north. Fat bikes are more than just a niche here in Wisconsin and there are thousands of local riders that embrace these bikes and ride them only in the winter but all year long.

We could go on and on about this custom bike but we'll let the photo gallery below do the talking for us. If you'd like to see this bike in person, head on over to Lakefront Brewery at 1872 N Commerce St here in Milwaukee. The bike will be on display in the Lakefront tasting room and dining hall and from what we understand, the bike will be raffled off as a prize.

And if you're interested in seeing more of our custom corporate bikes, head on over to

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