Introducing the Mesa MP Desert Series

Our Mesa MP pedals just turned 6 and to celebrate we are launching 3 limited edition colors of these great platform pedals. Originally designed for our urban customer, the Mesa MP has been embraced by a huge cross section of cyclists from fat bikers to mountain bikers over the years. These thin bodied and durable nylon thin platform pedals, were one of the first pedals on the market to offer riders an affordable and durable impact grade nylon alternative to sealed bearing alloy flat pedals. Retailing at only $59.95, these thin platform pedals offer a great wide platform and are suited for many styles of riding and have been one of our best selling products since they were launched.

Moab Flat Platform Pedals

The market for platform pedals has really taken off since we first introduced the Mesa MP and with the introduction of the popular Race Face Chester pedals and most recently, the Kona Wah Wah, the market continues to expand. We welcome the new entrants to the market as they've done a great job of increasing awareness of the benefits of riding nylon pedals on any terrain and they've brought a ton of exposure to the category, especially from mountain bikers.

The Mesa MP (MP stands for Metal Pin) is currently available in black, blue, red, green, orange and purple. The new Desert Series, which also retails for $59.95, adds 3 new great color options to the Mesa MP family and are designed for the rider looking for a little more subtle color options for their ride. Inspired by the desert Southwest and the cycling meccas of Moab, UT, Fruita, CO and Sedona, AZ, the Desert Series pedals feature the same subtle earth tones that you'll find in these amazing riding destinations. 

We just got in our first production run of the new Desert Series Mesa MP pedals and we hit the road to the Colorado Plateau and visited Moab and Fruita to give these pedals a proper launch, get the great photos you see here and of course - to ride some bikes.  If you've never been mountain biking in the desert, we suggest you schedule your first trip now. 

In addition to the amazing scenery and chill towns, the variety of trails are unbelievable. Everything from super grippy slick rock to fast and flowy river bottoms can be found in the desert and every trail seems to have it's own personality. As you can see from the pictures in Moab, you have mountain ranges like the La Sals just outside of town that pop up out of nowhere and you have the ability to ride from snowline to the shores of the Colorado River and everywhere in between.

While in Moab we hit up every shop in town to introduce our new pedals and to get some tips on local trails. There's something for everyone in Moab and we did our fair share of riding but of course we had to make a trip to the famous Slickrock Trail. I always ride Slickrock Trail when I'm down in Moab because it is an experience like no other. Even though it's crowded and you have to dodge motorcycles and drunk Jeepers, the trail is worth it. Just a quick ride up the road from downtown Moab, Slickrock Trail meanders through for about 12 miles through an unbelievable rocky desert landscape and other than a few sandy washes, the entire trail consists of following dotted lines through the rocky trail. The traction you get on the rock is unbelievable and if you have the right skills on a bike, you can pedal up or down things you'd never attempt on any other surface.

After Moab we headed up to Fruita, CO which isn't as well known as Moab but features equally amazing desert trails. We stopped in at Over The Edge Sports for a quick shop visit and headed out for one more ride before heading back home.  Enjoy the gallery below and make sure to visit these great mountain biking destinations at some point in your life.




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