Urban Junglecross V

Milwaukee cyclists are some of the hardiest around, battling through wildly varying weather conditions and potholed city streets on a daily basis. For the fifth year in a row some of these eccentric bikers put together a cyclocross course in the rubble of a coal factory complex hidden in the shadows of Walker’s Point.

This years race was held on a brisk November Saturday with an awesome turnout of seasoned cyclocross racers, fat-bikers, and Milwaukee commuters alike. Sprecher Brewery provided beer and Great Lakes Distillery provided whiskey, and with various alcoholic hand ups throughout the course, it didn't take long to turn into a pretty rowdy gathering.

There was some good racing over crushed brickwork and weaving through the remains of a piece of Milwaukee industrial history, but the real highlights came from the people and the party spirit of the participants. Starting and ending at the Drink Wisconsibly tap room, the event was a fun time for both Milwaukee natives and visiting friends. Look forward to Urban JungleCross next fall if you’re trying to have some entertaining times off the pavement.

Take a look at some more photos from the race here: Urban Junglecross V

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