Fyxation Open Fixed Gear Crit Prizes

We are less than 2 weeks away from the inaugural Fyxation Open street crit that will be held right in the heart of downtown Chicago during the Prairie State Cycling Series Chicago Criterium and the stoke is building.  Pre-registration is now closed and we sold out nearly half of the available spots.  In total 75 riders will be able to participate in the race and we're expecting a full field on the day of the race.

Head over to www.fyxationopen.com for the latest news, updates and results.

In addition to the $500 in cash that we will be offering up and our Eastside complete, we leaned on a few of our friends in the industry to help pitch in some additional prizes for the winners and for primes that will be held during the race.  We've been sponsors of many races and more often than not it's a free for all to see how many sponsors and prizes people can get for their events. With the Fyxation Open we carefully selected a handful of companies that we respect in the industry and reached out to them for help sponsoring our event so that the prizes were a bit more meaningful than your typical crit or alleycat.  Well the prizes keep rolling in and we plan on doing a few posts to show the goods that the riders will be eligible to win.

Special thanks to Chrome Industries and Nutcase Helmets for these sweet prizes.  Nutcase pitched in 6 of their awesome helmets and Chrome donated their Soyuz backpack and their "Coveted" Jersey which can only be won in high profile races like the Fyxation Open.  Stay tuned for more updates...





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