Hello Again! Re-introducing the Crimson Eastside

When we first launched the Eastside in April 2013 our goal was to introduce a high quality bike built around a solid 4130 chromoly frameset that was finished off with great parts.  This wasn't just going to be just another cheap fixie.  There were and are a ton of cheap bikes on the market which is great for people looking for an entry level fixed gear bike, but often times the quality of the frames and builds are lacking.  It's actually pretty amazing when you do a bit of research on the web or talk to shops that sell these bikes.  

The other day we were actually talking with one of the bike shops we work with and they told us a story about a bike they got from one of the popular fixie brands on the market today. The mechanic assembled the bike and focused on the drive side of the bike and didn't do a full inspection of the bike before giving it to the customer to take home.  A few weeks later the customer brought the bike in for a tune up and the owner of the shop saw the bike and nearly had a heart attack. It turns out that entire left side of the bike (non-drive side) hadn't been welded!  The customer had no idea how lucky he was and the fixie company was as well. This bike was one pothole away from exploding and could have been an awful PR and liability mess for the manufacturer.  Remember, sometimes you get what you pay for!

The Eastside is a high end fixed gear bike and that is by design.  The original production run of Eastsides included a matte black model, a copper model and one model that we did a special production run, the Crimson Eastside. The original Crimson Eastside was a beautiful red fixed gear bike that featured silver and white parts and was really a stunning build. The bike looked great and photographed well but unfortunately when you get white tires and grips on the street or even a bike shop showroom floor, things can get a bit dirty.  Once the original production run of Crimson Eastsides was sold out we continued to produce the matte black and copper Eastsides but sort of left the Crimson Eastside on the shelf while we focused on launching our  Quiver 1x10 road bike and our new Pixel Singlespeed that launched in April this year.

We really loved that original Crimson Eastside and we are pleased to announce that the Crimson Eastside is back in stock for 2014/2015. The new and improved Crimson Eastside features our stunning red paint job on our 4130 chromoly Eastside frameset. New for this year is all black parts including our popular Rodeo Pursuit handlebars and Pilot saddle. We also up-spec'd the bike a bit this year by adding sealed bearing hubs on the Eastside wheels. Not only do these wheels have a machined braking surface, they now have smooth running sealed bearings.





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